Evolution , Transition , Life changing experiences are refining moments in Your lIfe but also a defining moment. To rise from the ashes of the bottom is a pursuit of courage and conquest and for some Destiny. Born in south Florida Daud Aur Yahudy  is a Singer , Songwriter & Poet  who was much into music at a young age. It was later on in life during a tough unforseen Transition Daud Realized his true passion and talent.  Daud came full circle with his Debut Album Soulful Life Within ; Re released in 2018. ; which featured signature songs Joy of Yah, Conquers, Virtuous , Pedaling for Life & Return For You. In More recent Releases he has released his Ep Home Bound which is a prelude to his next Projects. His Sound Features Ambient style instrumentation , Poetry and diversity that touches all genres.  His Goal is Simple to esteem Yahuah and to bring back true music and positive messages addressing real situations in life and overcoming obstacles. Daud hopes to bring originality and transparency of Love and healing to the world for the betterment of mankind.  

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