Evolution , Transition , are refining moments in Your lIfe but also a defining moment. To rise from the ashes of the bottom is a pursuit of courage and conquest and for some Destiny. Daud came full circle with his Debut Album Soulful Life Within ; released in 2017. ; which featured signature songs Joy of Yah, Conquers, Virtuous , Pedaling for Life & Return For You. Daud then released Ep Home Bound in 2018 which featured signature songs thy will be done , Homebound and Single " I do ". Know in 2020 Daud " Has allowed one to be taken on a journey to present with a signature Album titled ' Daud " which Features 24 Tracks of Soul , Poetry ,and Conquest.  His Sound Features Ambient style instrumentation , Poetry and diversity that touches all genres. Daud hopes to bring originality and transparency of Love and healing to the world for the betterment of mankind. 

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